Christmas Countdown

Sunday, 17 October 2010


I haven't posted in a while just with life catching up with me. Though I haven't been neglecting my Christmas planning. I've been picking up Christmas catalogues from all over the place for some ideas for those left on my gift list. In two weeks I have a full day of Christmas shopping planned so I should be able to clear a lot of gifts. We were lucky enough to get £50 vouchers due to a cashback offer to spend in Sainsbury's which will help out a great deal too.

At the moment we are still unsure how many people we will have for Christmas dinner as my brother and his girlfriend now live together and are undecided on where to go for Christmas. I think they will go to her Mums, which of course is fine! I just like to be organised way too far in advance and they just haven't had time to really think about it in October! I must admit though I still haven't decided on dessert or a starter this year, though the squash soup I made last year went down so well I may do that again.

I'm more behind on my cards than i'd like but this is down to a bad back i'm having problems with and I just can't sit and do them right now. Luckily I do have plenty of bought cards just in case.

Mistletoe is waiting in the wardrobe to be checked over and to make sure he isn't missing any bells or eyes! India has been mentioning him a lot recently, she is quite excited that he might be visiting us again. Hopefully next time I post I may have a little more to say!

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