Christmas Countdown

Monday, 5 October 2009

Christmas Cake

I spent Sunday afternoon making my Christmas cake with a little help from India. She likes to help so she can lick the spoon at the end!

I use this recipe - Golden Christmas Cake - that I originally saved from their instore magazine several years ago and have used it every year. Everybody loves it especially my hubby who wanted me to make an extra one to eat right away! I didn't as I think a fruit cake matures over time plus you need time to add a little extra brandy too.

So I prepared my fruit on Saturday and the house just smelt gorgeous with the oranges, I left it to soak overnight. On Sunday I got the rest of the ingredients together and had the cake in the oven in no time. It's very easy to put together and the smell was just so Christmassy.

It's wrapped up now and in my Christmas cake tin. I'll open it up a couple of times to add a spoonful of Brandy but that's another thing ticked off my list. I don't usually decorate my cake as we just like to eat it with cheese and we prefer it without the icing.

Not the greatest photo but i'd already put the cake away when I uploaded the photos! It's not burnt it's just a dark photo!


  1. Wow - never made one of those! I might have to give it a try!!

  2. Ohh sounds wonderful How long does it have to ferment?


  3. Fruit cake is a tradition here my Mum made two every year when we were kids. This one is a bit lighter & not quite as rich as a traditional cake - i'd highly recommend it! There is no set time as such for it to mature Leann, but the longer the better especially if you add the odd extra spoonful of Brandy! I usually make mine in October every year and it tastes perfect for us by Christmas :-)