Christmas Countdown

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


It looks like I've already found my soup for our first course on Christmas Day! I made a version of this Butternut Squash & Apple Harvest Soup. I did just use this as a guide though. I didn't use Leeks or nutmeg only because I didn't have any. I added extra carrot and used 2 apples - I used Royal Gala not Granny Smiths. Oh and I used mini pumpkins instead of Butternut Squash though we like that too.

The mini Pumpkins were too cute and I couldn't resist using them.

Missed the cream out too partly because my husband isn't too keen on cream but also I thought it might be a bit rich alongside a full Christmas dinner.

Anyway with all the tweaks it turned out great, we all loved it. Hubby said it was just liked 'proper soup out of a can' - he meant it as a compliment in a round about way! It's something that all my family should enjoy so that's my first course sorted.

Now I think I've already found a perfect dessert - mars bar mousses! I'll have a trial run and let you know how they go!


  1. funny, after readingyour post on oce i was going to suggest a pumpkin soup cos its quite mellow and think it wouldbe good for your dad and his heartburn probs!

  2. Yes I can't see anything in this soup causing him problems. I'll make up a batch the week before and freeze it - one less job to do then!

  3. Really want the recipe for mars bar desert