Christmas Countdown

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Christmas Cards

I have got around to making a few cards at last. I am seriously lacking in motivation and inspiration at the moment though. Mostly I made a huge mess getting all my craft stuff out all over the floor and sitting in the middle of it looking blankly!

So any suggestions, should I buy a magazine, I don't usually but may have to resort to one or two? Is there a good website anyone can recommend which has some ideas?


  1. I'd say if you're struggling, current do-crafts £2.50, lots of fresh inspirational ideas for cards & their websites well worth a look... If you see a card like the look of - try sketching out a rough break-down to use as a template & reproducing the layout only using up the materials you already have in your stash.

  2. Try this one too:

  3. I don't have a suggestion about a good website, but the cards that you did make are very pretty!