Christmas Countdown

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Rudolph Day

The countdown begins, only 3 left after this one, which is a slightly scary thought! I have most of my cards still to make though, i've only made a couple and haven't taken any photos yet. I do take a picture of each card I make - mostly because some of them i'm quite proud of and others I can learn from my mistakes! I have stocked up on quite a few embellishments and have lots stuff from last year too. So my goal between now and September Rudolph Day is to make at least a dozen cards.

I have again gone through my gift list and decided to make up some Cookie in a Jar gifts for some of the people on there. I'll be using this recipe from Little Munchkins blog. I need some more ink for the printer though as my writing isn't good so i'll be printing the recipe tags for them.

Over the past few weeks I have also picked up a few books for India, some Dora and Diego ones at 39p each from Home Bargains. Hopefully by Christmas she will be having a good go at reading them herself. I have one or two ideas for my stepsons - itunes vouchers - one collects Monopoly's so i'll be getting him a Coronation Street one that i've found (he likes the soaps too!), some books, they have both started reading a bit more over this past year, which is a great help for presents. They are so tough to buy for even knowing their tastes but luckily they seem happy with whatever we do get them.

I really need to start planning for Mistletoe too. I already have plans for some Christmas Lego to add to what she has -i'm thinking Mistletoe will be playing with it one morning. A quick search on ebay and I can see quite a few different pieces. I think Mistletoe will have a post all of his own very soon.

However you celebrate Rudolph day have a good one!


  1. Happy Rudolph day to you too.

    It sounds like you have been busy doing lots of planning and shopping-thanks for inspiring me to do the same!

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Natasha, thanks for the comment, glad I could inspire :-)

  3. Hi Pam

    What is Mistletoe? What do you do for it?


  4. Hi Leann,

    Mistletoe is my Magical Elf! Check out my post from last year for more details - - he gets up to all sorts of mischief! :-) Still making plans for this year but I have got some Christmas lego so I know one morning he will have India's lego out all over the floor with the Christmas extras hidden amongst it!