Christmas Countdown

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Autumn Decor

Well it's now officially autumn and last year I decided to try and decorate for autumn after seeing so many beautiful photos via Magical Holiday Homes fall tour. A lot of the decor here though is more for Halloween than Autumn so it's not easy to find.

I did find these cute scarecrows at a local Charity shop and they are now sat on my mantelpiece.

We have been collecting lots and lots of pine cones for to make into Christmas decorations. We have so many I decided to use them right now too.

I'll be replacing the cones with baubles once it gets to December. In the meantime I'm on the look out for other items I can decorate with so if anybody has any suggestions or has seen any autumny things in the shops let me know!


  1. i think weve been talking to the american ladies on our christmas sites too long pam. i too triedto decorated for autumn. not much out there though really. i bought a folder from ethel austin back last christmas that contains window clings and reward stickers. themed thru the year. in september i had the school bus and school house and apples and books on the porch window next to the front door. now i have a big pumpkin and autumn leaves it also covers halloween,christmas,winter,paddys day, valentines, spring and summer. i think its an american issued folder for school decoration but it works well for me!

  2. That's a good idea Denise. I love how they decorate across the pond, it's a shame there isn't more here for us! I keep looking though.