Christmas Countdown

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

May Rudolph Day

Well this poor blog is being neglected, luckily my Christmas planning isn't! My gift list is up to date and I have a lot of ideas for the people on it. I've even bought a few more stocking stuffers for my little one.

The boys are going to be the hardest to buy for as usual and I think we may just be going with vouchers for our local shopping centre again as they went down very well last year. They can be used in all the shops in there and they have spent them well. Even getting stocking stuffers for them is hard now, at 14, 16 and 20 with no hobbies as such i'm thinking very hard!

My Christmas notebook is all up to date and I would highly recommend this site Christmas Planner to help out with printables and ideas for making your own - I wouldn't be without mine! It even has a section where you can browse other peoples notebooks for inspiration.

I've even had the time to make a couple of Christmas cards too though i've cut my list down this year after checking who was sending them back and who wasn't!

Food wise I am already thinking that I may do something different this year instead of rolling out the turkey but i'm not sure how well it will go down with the rest of the family if I don't stick to the traditions! I'll be digging out my recipe books to look for starters and desserts to try out over the next few months.

I hope you all enjoy your Rudolph day (only 6 to go before the real one!).


  1. You are doing better than I am. I have ignored my blog AND my Christmas planning. But never to late to jump back on the wagon. (Maybe, Christmas Eve is a little too late LOL)

    Glad to see someone is keeping up!! Great job!

  2. I must admit i've struggled with my Christmas planning this year, not sure why! It's never too late as long as it really isn't Christmas Eve ;-)

  3. Glad to know that you are right on track!

    Happy belated Rudy Day.


  4. Thought I'd add . . . a couple of years ago I started making a pork tenderloin with a cranberry sauce on top. It was very good, fed a lot of people and easy to make. It even LOOKS Christmasy with the pork being white(ish) and the red cranberry sauce. Try making it one Sunday for dinner. When every tells you how great it tastes, then ask them how they would like it for Christmas dinner this year.

  5. Thanks Leann :-) Shakerwood, that sounds really nice, we love pork so I think that would work, thanks for that, i'll try it :-)