Christmas Countdown

Monday, 19 July 2010

Sneaking up fast!

Well I can't quite believe it's almost the end of July. I don't know where this year has gone? Luckily despite it flying by I haven't done bad with keeping up with the Christmas planning though.

Thanks to a poker win my Husband had I have bought a few Christmas presents over the past month and have pretty much got India covered now apart from a Kidzoom camera that she has been asking for. I've got some pots to make pots of gold again for people who didn't get them last year as they went down so well. Again we are going with the vouchers for the boys for the local shopping centre, they have done well with the ones we got them last year and have saved them for books or games that have come out during the year and didn't just waste them on stuff straight away.

I have started stocking up on fruit to make my mincemeat, which i'll be doing towards the end of next month. I will have a look through my Christmas dessert recipes and pick out what i'll be trying this year and write a shopping list for that too so I can pick up something each time I shop.

So we have on Sunday, Rudolph Day, which for many is known as Christmas in July, even QVC and one of the movie channels has picked up on this now in the UK and we have a month of (mostly made for TV) Christmas movies. I already have plans with India to watch Christmas in Wonderland when we get up and hopefully be sat down in time to watch another in the evening!

I'll be posting again on Sunday and hopefully a bit more frequently after that as we move into the second half of the year.


  1. I have also been keeping up with my Christmas but not the blogging. I am having trouble with a lot of non-English speaking comments on Christmas blog. Don't know what to do about it so I have just avoided it. Maybe if I post more, they will stop!

    Glad you are keeping up so well.

  2. I'm determined to try and keep up with the blogging a bit more! I have seen those comments, usually with Asian characters? If you are not sure about them you can just delete them from your comments I think. Not sure how real they are, it's difficult to tell!!