Christmas Countdown

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Christmas in July

Happy Rudolph Day (Christmas in July!).

We are having a great day so far. We just finished watching Christmas in Wonderland on the Movies 24 channel, we had cinnamon and sultana muffins followed by popcorn. Not the healthiest breakfast but a fun one. The film was a bit silly but still had a magical ending, which brought a tear to my eye (especially with Patrick Swayze in it), but i'm a softy!

I may be able to watch another later if I can finish my gardening (not very Christmassy but needs doing). Later on this evening I will be making some cards, all my stuff is piled up in the dining room ready. I'm looking forward to that.

I also took part in a Christmas in July swap over on Organised Christmas Elves. I had a lovely parcel to open this morning (thank you DelveD) and had some very cute Christmas things. I think my favourites are the Christmas Album, all set up scrapbook style ready for photos and a Gooseberry patch recipe book. I love Gooseberry Patch and have a few of their Christmas Cookbooks.


  1. Oh Pam what lovely stuff, I am very jealous! it all lokks so nice.
    What is this about the recipe book? I have never heard of them ?

    Dawn x

  2. Hi Dawn, Gooseberry Patch are the cutest recipe books - here is the site - it is American but you can get them off amazon and ebay here, that's where I got mine.
    Pam x