Christmas Countdown

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Everythings Coming Together

I've have been wrapping some of my presents by tree light the past couple of nights. I've also made up my 'pots of gold' which i'll post more on later. We are swapping presents with some of my friends this weekend, then we just have family left. I've made three different lots of cookies today, some for the weekend and some for the freezer. My Squash soup is made and also in the freezer. I have my final list written for the grocery shopping and will be getting a lot of it tomorrow. My cards are posted though I do still have some to deliver by hand too.

India keeps bringing home cards by the bagful, it's my first time having to think about cards for her classmates. Unfortunately she doesn't know all the names so its a bit hit and miss making sure she doesn't miss anyone out. She has her school party next Wednesday and on Thursday I get to see her nativity concert. She tells me she has been singing in the big hall but I don't think she quite realises what it's for yet. I can't wait for that.

On Saturday i've organised a craft day for India and some of her friends. I'm letting them loose with the glue and glitter! I have quite a few simple ideas for them to do and plenty of Christmas stickers and sparkles for them.

I feel pretty much on top of things right now though I'm sure there will be something glaringly obvious that i've missed!

Here are a few more photos of my d├ęcor. The little snowmen in the corner light up pink and purple - I do like my lights!

These guys are hanging from the keyrack in the kitchen.

These India was very excited to help with, dropping baubles in glass is obviously very entertaining for a three year old!

So much so she went and got this vase out of the cupboard to do, causing me to have a 'slight' panic as she appeared with it in her arms - it's half the size she is!

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