Christmas Countdown

Sunday, 6 December 2009

My Tree is Up!

I made an early start yesterday and got out all my decorations. We bought a new 7ft tree last year as we realised our 5ft was no good in this home - looking like a pea on a drum! I didn't realise at the time that all the branches came separate from the tree and you have to build it from scratch, hence starting early this year.

At first once I'd got everything down I really didn't know where to start.

But once I dug out the tree I soon got in the flow, India kept occupied by watching lots of new Christmas episodes of her favourite shows on Playhouse Disney - it wasn't such bad background noise for me to work to either!

This is the tree with some of the branches in.

Finally an hour later is was all put together - India had been begging to put the first decoration on so she did that. Then I realised that I needed to put the lights on - we have 150 white lights and 80 twinkling coloured lights. They took some doing - could have done with an extra pair of hands.

I have a very large collection of Disney tree ornaments which I have collected over a number of years. Unfortunately Grolier no longer issue any new ornaments so now I make sure I visit the Disney Store every year for new ones. We got a new range of 'forest' coloured ornaments last year as we needed more for the bigger tree, these are in shades of browns and greens. I have to say though I don't really have a theme as such and my tree is filled with ornaments I love including one India has made and her first Christmas ones.

These are some of the ornaments we put on - India was eager to help and put a lot of them on, she did really well at handling them carefully though not so hot on the placement :-). The lights still need a bit of work too.

This is our tree topper (Disney really is a passion of mine - can you tell!).

Finally with the tree done I could put our train underneath, this was a new addition last year and It takes me a while to figure out the track - in the end hubby came home from work and did it for me! It runs right around the bottom of the tree.

Finally finished and started on the other decorations but I'll leave that for another post.