Christmas Countdown

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Pots of Gold

Just a quick post on these gifts i've put together for a few of my friends and family. I made 7 in total all bar one with Christmas scratchcards in. The other one we spend a little more on so I put in a Next Gift Card. Thats what I like about these you can make them up in so many ways.

I used pots from Ikea and various sweets in gold wrappers - coins, large Quality Street caramels, Werthers Original's, fun size Twix's. I had plenty with those but could have used mini Crunchies or Wispa Golds.
I bought some cellophane with gold swirls from ebay and various gold ribbons from Poundland. They were easy to put together I think (even though I say so myself) they look quite good!

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