Christmas Countdown

Monday, 17 August 2009

Christmas Cards

I have finally got around to making a start on some Christmas Cards, after getting all the chores done and having a night with not much to do! I'm not particularly crafty and got a card making kit from a friend a couple of years ago. It was pretty basic - using outline stickers and gel pens but I made a fair few Birthday, anniversary and wedding cards too.

I've picked up a few bits and pieces over the past few months for card making and scrap booking too. So I've given it a go, I kept them pretty simple seen as these are my first ones but i'm quite pleased how they turned out (they do look a bit warped but they aren't they are on the box lid with a bend!!).

So now i've only got a couple of card blanks left, hopefully i'll be able to pick up some more tomorrow and get some more made. I really enjoyed doing it and i'm hoping to at least make my own cards for family and a couple of friends. I've got plenty of bought cards in the sales just in case!


  1. Pam they are wonderful. And people love to receive hand made cards. They will appreciate all of your hard work and love.

    Thanks for stopping by The Old Parsonage come back anytime, I love company.


  2. Thanks Leann, I hope so. I was surprised how much i'm enjoying doing them!