Christmas Countdown

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Magical Elves

Elves as we all know are Santa's little helpers. Santa has been sending out these little helpers to stay with family's in the run up to Christmas to keep an eye on the children. Now elves are quite mischievous and cause quite a lot of mayhem - ours certainly did last year!

To let you in on the secret I had a hand in the elf antics!! Elves are very difficult to get hold of in the UK and eventually I enlisted my Mum's help with making an elf from scratch from this website Canadian Living. My Mum did a brilliant job and Mistletoe Merryweather Jingles was born. There is some more information on Elves on this site too Elf Magic

Mistletoe Merryweather Jingles (MMJ)

He arrived with a letter from Santa and a chocolate advent calander for my daughter, India on the 1st December. My daughter was almost 3 and was quite excited to see him. Not sure quite how much she got it but we had fun.

I made him a sleeping bag and pillow out of Christmas material (bought from ebay) and a sponge (for the pillow!). We tucked him up in bed each evening. He didn't always stay in bed though during the night. We found him one morning watching some of the Christmas videos that he bought for India with popcorn scattered about him, another time he hung her socks all over the Christmas tree. I found a Santa set for the Little People so one morning he was found playing with those, India was so excited to see the Little People Santa and still plays with it now. The best thing MMJ did was set up a small pink Christmas tree in India's room while she slept one night - she loves pink.

MMJ having a snowball fight with the teddies

MMJ 'decorating' the tree!

Playing games with Christmas Minnie & Mickey!

This year I have just started elf planning and found some lovely little Christmas storybooks - Care Bears, Mr Men and Little Miss for MMJ to bring with him, now and again India finds these hidden in his sleeping bag! I've also found a Mr Potato Head Santa outfit so one morning we will find the elf playing with this when we get up. I'll post more when I have a few more ideas.


  1. Your ideas are great pam I bet India loves them, I used to read about the Elves on the OC and then Denise from the OCE did it, I may have to get an Elf for when the Grandchildren come round and he could even play a few tricks on John, keep posting Dawn x

  2. You do have neat ideals for the elves. Wish I would of did this when my kids were little. (now DS almost 25 and DD 22). Maybe for grandkids. We had a elf that one of the kids made in grade school from paper chains and we moved it around all the time and told the kids he was watching them. I still put it out but hes to old to jump around so he just listens and watches! LOL

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments. I know some people still have the elves for their older kids (and husbands too i'm sure!), it's fun if everyone is happy to play along :-) Lana did it work telling the kids your elf was watching them! :-)

  4. Hi Pam

    Thanks for becoming a follower of The Old Parsonage. I love the elf and all of the hi-jinks!! Your notebook is looking good.

    Please stop by and visit The Old Parsonage anytime, I love visitors!


  5. Thanks Leann, i'll be stopping by often, i'm trying to catch up on a few archive posts too! I love reading blogs you never know what you may pick up. Your notebook holder is very cute.


  6. pam, wilf and fred also bring with them dvds as well as books (this way i can happily store away the christmas after christmas ...the elves take them back when santa collects them on christmas eve)
    now india is at school have a word with her teacher and explain what you do and would they mind if the the elves visisted class(promise to tidy up afterwards) dd teacher has so far been very accomodating and actually has asked if they will be back this year..she loves it!

  7. It's a good idea Denise, will have a think about what MMJ could get up to! It's great that you've got the school involved too!