Christmas Countdown

Monday, 31 August 2009


We've had a busy bank holiday weekend visiting friends, family, getting my hair cut (short for the 1st time in 15 yrs!), having an end of summer barbecue and eating way too much food!

Today we finally got to have a quiet day and after a visit to Ikea for some storage jars I've made my Christmas mincemeat. The recipe was originally posted on Organised Christmas Elves. I tried it last year and it went down very well. It made so much - just under 3 ltrs - I gave two jars away and it lasted us into the New Year.

So this time i've halved the recipe and have just over 1 & 1/2 ltrs.

Prune & Brandy Mincemeat (this is the full recipe - I used half of everything)


500g Ready to eat Pitted Prunes

500g Bramley Apples, peeled & Cored

500g Currants

500g Raisins

500g Sultanas

200g Tub Mixed Peel

1 tsp Cinnamon

2 tsp Mixed Spice

350g Dark Muscavado Sugar

300ml Brandy plus extra for topping up

250g Packet Suet Method

1) Roughly chop the prunes in a processor, tip into a large roasting tin. Chop the apples in the processor and add to the prunes. Add the rest of the fruit, peel, spices and sugar. Pour over 200mls of the brandy and stir well. Cover with tin foil.

2) Sit the tin over a very low heat - use the two smallest burners and leave for 15 minutes, stirring every 5 until the sugar has dissolved and the mix is glossy. Leave to cool completely.

3) Mix in the suet then add the remaining 100ml brandy. Spoon into steralised jars and seal. Can be kept for upto a year.

This doesn't take long at all to do and I think it's definitley worth the effort rather than buying from the shop.

Now I'm looking forward to making (and eating) my mince pies, mince buns & blondies yum!

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