Christmas Countdown

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Rudolph Days

For anyone who has not heard of them these fall on the 25th of each month through the year. It's a day to try and do some planning for the coming Christmas. Things like making gift lists, checking addresses for Christmas Cards, making any Christmas crafts or cards that you have planned. Even watching a Christmas movie or listening to Christmas music for a bit of inspiration.

July 25th is extra fun with a 'Christmas in July'. This is quite a big deal across the pond and is very slowly taking off here too, with even QVC having CIJ sales of decor! It's the half way point of the year and the where some people concentrate more on their Christmas plans.

The lovely Christmas forum I'm a member of - Organised Christmas Elves - hosts as CIJ swap which gives us fanatics a extra Christmas boost! It involves swapping a box of Christmas related gifts with another forum member and opening on the 25th. Just like a mini Christmas!

So the upcoming 'Rudy Day' will involve updating my Christmas Notebook (something i'll post more on later), drinking hot chocolate in my Christmas Mickey Mouse mug and hopefully making a few cards!

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