Christmas Countdown

Monday, 10 August 2009

My Christmas Notebook

I cannot live without my Notebook, it has everything I need for our Christmas to (hopefully) run as smoothly as it can. Mine is in a two ring binder, I decided not to put anything on the outside to help prevent prying eyes and it's functional rather than creative! I have so many sections in there and i'll list them below. The idea for this came originally from Organized Christmas and the site has many printable forms which can help out with your notebook.

So the sections I have

Gift Ideas

Gift Lists for Previous Years
Magical Elf
Christmas Card List & Address List
Decorating Ideas

D├ęcor Inventory
Christmas Movies
Christmas Reading
Christmas Traditions
General Info - eg. local Christmas Craft Fairs & Markets
Holiday Grand Plan & Houseworks Plan - see Organized Christmas
To Do Lists & Planners
I keep some pockets at the back for receipts for gifts

I have another folder for Christmas Recipes & Crafts.

I do keep lists on my PC and update those regularly and then print them off to go into the folder every so often. I also keep a copy of my gift list in my notebook I carry round with me. (You can see why my friends call me Monica!!).

Organising is a big part of my life, I write lists about lists and am not happy unless i'm planning for something!

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  1. Wow you are really organized for Christmas! I can't wait for Christmas to come! The food, the exchanging of gifts, the exchanging of holiday pins , and all the whole atmosphere around town is the best feeling of the year!